• SONG (CD)
  • SONG (CD)
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This is the physical copy of an album - let me know at the check-out if you wish to have it signed.

The production of SONG has been a rather spontaneous, emotional response to an unusual and - let´s call it mysterious - encounter: The collaboration of a singer-songwriter from the USA and a drummer-percussionist from Europe. A clash of musical and personal cultures, very different habits, melodies and rhythms. In saying that however, the mutual curiosity and sympathy gave us a fruitful foundation for working on these songs, both originals and well-known tunes from different eras.

It was always my wish to create music which connects with people who might not be professional listeners, or musicians. I think that the format of "the song" per se is, globally speaking, the most accessible kind of music to everybody. I would like to dedicate this album to all those who have experienced (or are experiencing) the feeling of being in the moment, being unconditional, being here and now. That´s what I´ve been experiencing when arranging and recording SONG. Hope you´ll enjoy listening to this album.

  • Melissa Mary Ahern – vocals & guitar
  • Kristjan Randalu – grand piano
  • Phil Donkin – acoustic bass
  • Bodek Janke – drums & percussion


  • Kinan Azmeh – clarinet
  • Sebastian Studnitzky – trumpet
  • Andy Stack – guitar
  • Atom String Quartet
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