• SONG2 (CD)
  • SONG2 (CD)
  • SONG2 (CD)


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2020, Dreyer Gaido

This is the physical copy of an album - let me know at the check-out if you wish to have it signed.

With this production you´re going to experience the continuation - or so called next step - of my current, very personal project: SONG. Like on the previous record, I´ve chosen some of my favourite tunes (or: least favourite tunes, some of which have been haunting me for decades, like nightmares...) from my childhood, youth, and present time, and mixed them together with originals by singer-songwriter Shishani, plus a couple of my own tunes.

And with a nice group of brilliant musicians - some of my favourite artists on this planet - we´ve created something new and powerful. I´m more than happy to share this music with you today! Sit back, remember some of the good old times, but get ready for the present moment, and enjoy SONG2...

  • Shishani Vranckx – vocals & guitar
  • Kristjan Randalu – grand piano
  • Phil Donkin – acoustic bass
  • Bodek Janke – drums & percussion


  • Bill Evans – soprano & tenor saxophones
  • Gilad Hekselman – electric guitar
  • Sebastian Studnitzky – trumpet
  • Atom String Quartet
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